Cheryl "Cheffie Cooks" Wiser

Bio: Hi Y'all; as we say down south!!! Raised in Florida and still reside in Florida!!! I adore "my" Ocean, walking the beach, swimming, water sports, reading, writing, beautiful flowers, plants indigenous to Florida! All Sea life. The sunshine, sunrises and sunsets!!! Herbs, fruits, vegetables. I could go on and on...Florida is a lifestyle! Simple comfort foods are the absolute best! If you have time, check out my other web sites. Thanks so much for stopping by; I hope to see YOU again soon. Total Web sites (10) Award Free Blogs -See You There! (1) https://clwiser.wordpress.com- Cheryl "Cheffie Cooks" Wiser -Ocean Living and Cooking- fun Florida lifestyle antics and adventures. (2) https://cooking1allthingscitrus2 .wordpress.com. Cooking/recipes using Citrus Fruits. Oranges, Lemons, Limes. (3) https://cheffiecookseasy123 .wordpress.com. Helping those cooking on a budget, recipes, suggestions, tips. (4) https://mainlyfoodtriviaandfacts .wordpress.com. Food Trivia and facts-Random Alphabet of Cooking- A fun site. (5) https://notthegourmetnextdoor .wordpress.com. Simple. Comfort Foods. Every Day. Top ten comfort foods! What are they? You'll be surprised. Recipes shared (6) https://clwisernovelette1. wordpress .com. A fun Fiction Novelette -For your reading enjoyment. (7) https://wegrazetogether. wordpress.com - Food Bloggers Unite! List of Food Blogs to view/recipes /Worldwide Site (8) https://thewisercook. wordpress.com -smarter cooking (9) https://cheffiecooksfavoriterecipes .wordpress. com - photo gallery (10) https://allaboutappetizers.wordpress.com/ For entertaining family and friends with great appetizers, dips, snacks ***(A member of) http://www.TastyKitchen.com (a Public-Community Recipe Sharing Site).I have 1,500 recipes posted-my recipes are all original To access any one of the web sites through gravatar, click on the ones you wish to view.

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  2. I’d say the perfect life! Florida sounds dreamy! I’m from Cali, but reside currently down south. I miss having citrus trees and being able to grow anything at any time. I have a good friend that lives in Florida and it’s tempting. I’d want all you described, but on a little land. It’s lovely to meet you. Best wishes. Koko:)


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