Lobster-Easy to Prepare-Tails!

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I have a love of Lobster tails for as long as I can remember! My Seafood Market gets them year round (Fresh) and they will not break the bank!!! I always boil them in Old Bay Seasoning for several minutes until they are shiny red then drain. Allow them to cool down. Set the broiler to your oven on. Grab a 9 x 12 baking sheet. I use scissors and cut the inside shell first then skewer with a small (6″ metal) through the partially cooked flesh. Add butter and seasoning and broil them several more minutes. The shell is easy to remove. Pull skewer out, cut (with scissors) the top of tail shell and the Lobster meat will come out whole!

Some people just love to dip in melted seasoned warmed butter, we love citrus juices for ours. Lemon/Limes. However you like to eat your Lobster is fine because I know you’ll love it!!! Go ahead and treat yourself you deserve it! *You can use frozen tails if fresh is not available to you. Serve with whatever side dishes you like. We usually have baked potatoes and mixed green salad. Easy, delicious meal.

In closing, I wish you Good Health. Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser.

All Things Citrus.

See YOU!


6 thoughts on “Lobster-Easy to Prepare-Tails!

    • Oh Yes perfect dipping!!! I love Lobster and scallops pretty much equally. Sometimes the tails (fresh at Seafood Market) are only $6 piece. Very Reasonable when you think about a Lobster tail dinner out somewhere. Hoping you are well hugs to U and Mr. “Percy”. Leaving for last stop Paris on Saturday. Home on the 5th-Woo-Hoo can’t wait!!! I really miss my home! xx

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