Orange-Jalapeno Dip

Serve this delicious dip anytime. You’ll need 2 whole jalapenos (remove as many seeds as you want-for heat-remove stems) dice super finely, 2 Valencia Oranges, washed, zest and juice, 1-cup softened cream cheese,  add all ingredients into a bowl and stir to mix well. We love crackers, crusty bread, pita chips with this flavorful, easy dip.

In closing, I wish you Good Health. Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser.

All Things Citrus.

See YOU.


One thought on “Orange-Jalapeno Dip

  1. Heading for the grocery tomorrow Cuzzin. Have plenty of jalapenos, but I’ll need the oranges. I like ’em hot, but some like mild, so I usually compromise with something in between. Wonder how that would taste with pumpkin spice banana bread? I’m cooking again, but only eating what I can swallow before the choking starts. Usually want to get as many flavors in one bite as I can, cause I never know if I’ll get a second one. KY hugs, A.

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