Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate…

On the cupcake baking wagon this week! Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate filing and frosting. Oh yes they’re great. Most times I bake the variety of flavor cupcakes, allow to cool down, freeze them to fill and frost at a later time. I make lemon, orange but the ultimate fav is chocolate!

I make all the frostings homemade. Nothing super fancy mind you, equally delicious. My chocolate frosting is simply, a good chunk of chocolate melted with 2 tablespoons of light cream, one stick sweet cream butter, 5 cups confectioners sugar (added one cup at a time) and let the stand mixer whip away. They’re already gone this morning, two dozen wonderfully filled chocolate cupcakes? I looked for the cupcake wrappers to no avail? I must have a cupcake bandit somewhere in this home? LOL

You can make mini cupcakes, regular sized cupcakes or jumbo ones! Have fun and bake a batch today! Pssst. Watch them disappear…

Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser, All Things Citrus.

cheffie cooks easy 1-2-3

Not The Gourmet Next Door

See YOU!


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