Cranberry-Orange Punch!

I have a great non-alcoholic beverage! It is so flavorful and easy to make.
Hopefully you have a punch bowl? I use my Mom’s to make this. I do believe last year someone decided to spike it and normally I’d be okay with that but there were 12 young children in the home.

So, I made another punch in its place for them. Luckily, I caught it, I shudder to think otherwise.

On to the recipe.

2 gallons Cranberry juice (I use Ocean Spray), 1 liter Lemon-Lime soda, 2 oranges (zest first then slice oranges), 2 cups Pure Orange Juice, stir well, add ice cubes and enjoy! And be sure to watch those adults who may spike it!!!

For the children last year (as the substitution), I made a rainbow Sherbet Punch for them and watched! HeHe.

 In closing, I wish you Good Health. Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser.

All Things Citrus.

See YOU!


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